Safe programming with idempotency

You’re are at an elevator and press spamming the button to be sure it’s coming. It doesn’t matter how many times you press the button, the result is the same: the elevator is heading to your floor. In programming this “assurance” is called idempotency. This concept might sound complex, but in reality it can be quite simple.

Deploying google cloud functions using Github actions

Cloud functions is a serverless platform for building event based microservices. You write small snippets of code and Google Cloud handles all infrastructure for you. This guide demonstrates how to install a simple cloud function using the google-github-actions/deploy-cloud-functions github action.

Decoupling business logic from controllers using a service layer

Ideally you want to keep your controllers "dumb" and slim. This means that it "should" not have a lot of knowledge of the application's business logic. At Notive, the company I work at, we often use something we like to call "Services".